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Welcome to Ringo Crazy!

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Obsessed, much?

Are you obsessed with Ringo??
1) You have pictures pasted of him all over your room
2) You want Ringo to be President
3) You have the Ringo the racoon beanie baby
4) You wear rings to be like Ringo
5) You learn to play the drums, too
6) You want your nose to be like Ringos
7) You go around quoting him
8) Your email is Ringo related
9) You accadently call family memebers "Ringo", even if they are female
10) You insist to be called Ringo, Ringa et cetera.....

Disclaimer- I'm am in no way affiliated with Ringo Starr, this is only a fan site.

A Beatlemania Production
--By Rigby