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Welcome to Ringo Crazy!

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Ringo Style

Here to dressing lke Ringo:
Early Beatle Years--
-A Fab, mod suit with a skinny tie
-A Mop-top, if you so choose
Mid-Beatle Years:
- The occasional suit
- A button-up-the-front shirt, probably striped or polka-dotted
- Jeans
- Vest, pinstripe or black
Sgt Pepper Years:
- Those frilly/poofy shirts
- Paisley
- A pink marhcing band uniform
- Tunics
Late Beatles:
- Just about anything- sweaters, suits, funky shrits....
- Really cool tshirts
- Fab suits, still!
- 3 ear-rings
-still rings
- sunglasses, always!

Disclaimer- I'm am in no way affiliated with Ringo Starr, this is only a fan site.

A Beatlemania Production
--By Rigby