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Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) was also born in a working class family in Liverpool. Like John, Ringo's father deserted his mother when Ringo was only three. Ringo was very sick as a child, so he had to drop out of school. He took up drum lessons and took up different jobs. In '57 he joined Rory Storm and the Hurricanes as the drummer. In around '62 the Beatles manager replaced the Beatles old drummer, Pete Best, with Ringo.
Ringo doesn't have a wide vocal range so he didn't sing much. When he did, he sang songs written specially written for him, such as With A Little Help From My Friends and Yellow Submarine. But he dis write somes songs like Don't Pass Me By.
                        Ringo married Maureen Cox. At some time they split up and he married Barbara Bach.
                Ringo also had a pretty good solo carrier, and just came out with a new CD, Choose Love.

Name- Richard Starkey
Born- July 7, 1940
favourite colour- red

                           "The Sad Beatle"

Disclaimer- I'm am in no way affiliated with Ringo Starr, this is only a fan site.

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--By Rigby